This is Langley

Welcome to “This is Langley”

We believe that community is the MOST important part when choosing where to live. We make sure that there are great schools close by, great shopping and restaurants and off course safe for our family. Whenever moving to a new city is hard to know where to go for dinner, where to have our hair cut done, or even who to call if our car breaks down.

Krause Berry Farms Winery

We knew that people needed to learn about the community before moving into it and that’s why we came up with our own little project called “This is Langley”

What we do is introduce small Langley businesses to the community and help them get some exposure. This project doesn’t only help the small business but also helps people make a better choice when moving into the Langley community.

Every week we introduce a new Langley business to the community. All we want is that you go and check them out.

If you would like to meet the businesses that make Langley the best community to live and raise a family, please visit my website at

See you there!

Juan and Felipe Lombana